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Whether you’re a Council looking to bring more public art to your region or create more access to cultural activities for your citizens, a collector looking to commission a new art work for your home or workplace, or an artist looking for support in the development of an ambitious public art commission, our bespoke service is for you.

Personalised Service

At Pangaea we value the power of sculpture and three-dimensional art forms to influence how we move, think, and feel in our environments. Our approach to art consultancy springs from a commitment to enabling sculptural practice that is designed for its context and distinguished by its conceptual qualities and craftsmanship. We take pride in securing, producing, curating, installing and maintaining artworks in the public as well as private spheres. Many of these objects, images and installations are developed through collaborating with our extensive networks of artists. Any profit made through this activity is then funnelled back into the organisation’s initiatives at a grassroots level.

Expert Advice and Guidance

Drawing on our experienced team working within the fields of curation, production, research, technical services and fabrication, clients can access our bespoke services for their commission. We are used to working collaboratively and offering advice and guidance, responding to a specific brief or developing this for and in consultation with our clients. Our personal touch ensures the results meet the specific project needs and scope of requirements, from a new collector seeking to diversify their growing collection to a large-scale commission of public art.

Why Art and Culture Matter

Art is a vital aspect of human life that has the power to enrich and transform us in countless ways. Art can inspire, educate, entertain, challenge, and even heal us. It can help us make sense of the world around us, connect with others, and explore profound questions of existence and meaning.

Public Art has cultural, social, and economic values. It’s a reflection of our society, promotes communication between cultures, preserves history, can change people’s opinions and captures the evolving culture within an area and societal memory. Not only does it add meaning to spaces and allows communities to exhibit their uniqueness, public art can influence how we move, think, and feel in built-up environments. A powerful tool to build better towns, cities, and villages, by both engaging in public artwork development and facing artwork in the environment individuals become aware of their social agency. Good installations can reach inside our minds and have profound effects on our behaviours, health and well-being.

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