Innovating through technical expertise.


As a small, independent company we offer a boutique, personalised and collaborative service tailored to the diverse needs of our clients which include artists, architects, cultural institutions, developers and private individuals.

Sculpture Production

Led by artists and delivered by artists, we treat your artwork with the same care and questioning we do our own. We care about making the artwork the best reflection of an artist’s practice and vision it can be.

We are happy to take a sketch on a napkin and turn it into a fully realisable artwork. Or, take your fully realised design and fabricate it for you. Or work in a way that is much more collaborative, maintaining closer contact with you throughout the process so that you can affect, interrupt and alter the evolution of the artwork as suits your own creative expression. 


Our bespoke service also offers technical support to artists (and others). Our technicians can come to your studio, or you to ours, enabling the continued development of technical skills. We try to be as flexible as possible and always think back to our community objectives to support artistic practice and the development of the art form.


Our model is unique in the industry. We choose not to have a large in-house production team which keeps us flexible and our overheads lean. Instead we oversee a network of independent artist-makers and small studios, carefully selected for the quality of their craftsmanship and experience.

Pangaea is SSIP Accredited.


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