Research Areas

Kumartuli artisans, in Kolkata, building the armatures for clay idols for Durga Puja; International Changemakers British Council / Coventry City of Culture Research trip, 2020

Adventures in Material and Space

Prioritising material understanding, context sensitivity and skills development as fundamental to the advancement of the expanded field of sculpture.
Artist building traingular shelter out of clay and straw at Hand Earth Gesture Return, Coventry Canal Basin 2022

Making the Making Visible

Broadening participation through new models of engagement.
Extract from research on Urban Mining by Tunahan Sahin, Coventry University MArch 2023

Public Sculpture and Urban Mining

Urban Mining emphasises the potential of cities, the human habitat and the built environment as a source of raw materials, extracting and refining anthropogenic resources.
Lady standing on full load of harvested thatching straw.

Sculpture as a Tool for Wide Learning

We believe in the power of sculptural practice to enrich lived experience and transform society through sensitising us to the many complex forms that structure our day-to-day reality.
Muddy legs standing in clay

Sustainability In/Of Practice

Exploring notions of sustainability, considering not just environmental concerns but of artistic practice (material, environmental, financial, other).

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