Tower of Varieties

Rachael Champion
Tower of Varieties
Birmingham Hippodrome
Birmingham Hippodrome
Roles & Responsibilities
Commissioner, installation project management
Tower of Varieties suspended sculpture in the foyer of the Birmingham Hippodrome, by Rachael Champion, 2019
Tower of Varieties by Rachael Champion, 2019; image courtesy of the artist.

Winner of the Birmingham Hippodrome 120 Sculpture Commission, Rachael Champion’s new site specific sculpture Tower of Varieties is reminiscent of layered geological stratigraphy and features images of Birmingham’s built environment from the last 120 years. This 11 metre high plywood sculpture is suspended from the ceiling by visible technical apparatus commonly found in the theatre. The commissioning process included designing the brief, running and publicising the open call, co-selecting the artist, and managing the fabrication and the installation of the artwork, including ensuring compliance with all Health and Safety and CDM regulations.

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