Broadening participation.


As a not-for-profit community interest company Pangaea does not have commercial objectives as our bottom line. The reasons it exists is to support practitioners, advance the art form and widen public engagement through educational, critical and cultural programming.

Broadening Participation

We believe in the transformative power of visual art and that everyone should have access to participate and experience it. We continue to explore new models of engagement within our free public programme and offer a range of passive and active ways for members of the public of all ages to learn new skills, experience sculpture and to join the Pangaea community.

We are committed to making the ecology of sculpture more equitable, accountable, diverse and engaged.

Why Art and Culture Matter

Art is a vital aspect of human life that has the power to enrich and transform us in countless ways. Art can inspire, educate, entertain, challenge, and even heal us. It can help us make sense of the world around us, connect with others, and explore profound questions of existence and meaning.

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Public Programme

View our Public Programme page for live and past projects and ways to get involved.


Pangaea is a registered Community Interest Company and depends on the generosity of individuals, patrons, trusts, foundations and corporate supporters to deliver its wide-ranging sand educational public programme and support services. If you believe in the work we do why not consider setting up a small monthly donation to help support its ongoing delivery.

Hire Us

All profits from our work are reinvested to support our community objectives. By choosing to work with us you are also supporting paid employment for artist to help them sustain their practice, and the advancement of the art form in the UK and beyond.

Commission a Sculpture

You love sculpture. We love making it. We have a network of artists looking for paid for commissions and who have existing artworks and 2d preparatory work available for sale. Let us help you find the right artwork and artist for you. Get in touch.

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