Supporting sustainable practice.


As a not-for-profit community interest company Pangaea does not have commercial objectives as our bottom line. The reasons it exists is to support practitioners and advance the artform.


Our first priority is to artists. We work with emerging, mid-career and established artists working in the expanded field of sculpture and with widely diverse practices, media and materials. Sculpture is understood in an elastic sense that harnesses the values, principles and commitments of a sensibility preoccupied with the phenomenological experience of materiality and space. This extends to the invisible systems, structures and social conditions that mediate this engagement.

Pangaea is a passionate advocate for the fair treatment and fair pay for all creative industries professionals including artists, curators, fabricators, makers, technicians and installation teams. We offer professional and skills development, advice, mentoring and support to artists in both formal and informal capacities.

We champion excellence, quality, rigour and professionalism.


Pangaea believes that the advancement of technical skills is essential to the on-going development of the art form and the practices of those artists working within it. Our cultural and education programmes offer opportunities for skills progression. We also offered bespoke technical services to learn from our experienced technicians, including but not limited to mould-making, carving, casting and digital sculpting.

We can assist artists at any stage of an art work’s development from responding to EOIs, concept development, detailed design, engineering, fabrication, installation and project management.

Fabricators & Technicians

We recognise that long-term sustainable art practices require time, skills development, community and money. We have a database of highly-skilled freelance artists who are experienced fabricators and/or technicians which we call on when specific projects require. We do not demand a full-time commitment. If you would like to sign-up, email us with your CV, portfolio and location.

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