‘Silicon Spa’ Public Sculpture

Lucy Tomlins
The Nanite Garden
Spencer Yard, Leamington Spa Cultural Quarter, Warwickshire
Complex Development Projects
Roles & Responsibilities
Ideation and concept development, design, fabrication and installation

This public art commission for Spencer Yard, Leamington Spa, draws inspiration from the town’s significant gaming industry. It responds to the site’s history as the home to the Camofleurs and its future use as digital creative production hub, and home of The Fold.

The artwork, installation February 2024, considers the effect of digital animation and visualisation on both art and the lived experience, and how this relates formally and conceptually to the Camoufleurs; artists who had been enlisted to creatively camouflage and protect sensitive sites in the UK, and were based at the site. Put simply, the Camoufleurs were commissioned to use artistic techniques to distort perception and a sense of reality. Today, the biggest distortions to our perception are created in the virtual world but impact the physical, where what is fake and what is real becomes harder and harder to distinguish and is even a matter of conjecture.

“Unless you know there’s a gaming hub here you will not see anything about it on the street level. There’s a sense that these big game studios all feel completely separate with their individual campuses all off in different places.” Shaun Wall, local games developer.

As if dropped from a digital or virtual world, the sculptures instigate a moment of surprise, consideration and reflection. The source material is ‘off-the-shelf’ digital assets created in Game Engines using Nanite-enabled meshes. Nanite Triangle Visualization is a high specification digital rendering tool that allows images to hold their detail in fast paced games or movies. Nanite Virtualized Geometry by Unreal Engine, and other proprietary processing systems, are changing the face of digital content possibilities.

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