Wheat Field Drumming Jam

Hand Earth Gesture Return
Hatton Farm, Warwickshire


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The recording of a live jamming session at our wheat field between drummers Parmjeet Bamrah, Annabel Febles, Mahandra Patel, Abraham Paddy Tetteh and Luke Weaver, Coventry-based world-music rhythm specialists.

This moment seeded a new collaborative strand in our Hand Earth Gesture Return public art programme between these musicians and visual artists Rachael Champion, Dolon Kundu, Amy and Oliver Thomas Irvine and Jim Woodall. Together they explored the themes of hand, gesture, cycle and return in relation to their crafts and cultural experiences. Through the joining of the drummers’ sounds and rhythms with those of the sculpture’s production, and punctuating the art work with a sense of ritual, a new and unexpected musical form is created, which in turn becomes an expanded metaphor for the installation itself.

A new video work was created

Film produced by Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre, in partnership with Media Mania. Produced by Lucy Tomlins.


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