Ro Robertson
Artwork Title
Frieze Sculpture 2022, Regent’s Park, London
Maximillian William
Roles & Responsibilities
Technical design, engineering and fabrication
Sculpture Drench by Ro Robertson at Frieze Sculpture Park London 2021. Made from painted nad rusted Corten steel.
Drench by Ro Robertson; Photo credit: Jack Hems courtesy of Maximillian William

Using digital design tools, the Pangaea design team created the technical drawings required for tooling and fabrication as well as the renders required by the client to promote the art work prior to installation. Pangaea then undertook the full metal fabrication of this three-metre cubed art work, later supporting the artist to hand paint the finishing touches at our Coventry studio, before shipping to London. We also designed the sub-base and supplied the engineering report to ensure its safe installation in the public realm.

The finish is very much part of the creative act for the artist. Ro spent time at Pangaea Coventry where they hand paint the sculpture. Based in Cornwall, they brought sea water from the Cornish coast with which to rust the artwork.

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