Materials Demonstration: Adventures in Material and Space

Arthur Manzo; W P Notcutt Ltd
Project Space 45, Pangaea, Gransden Avenue, London E8 3QA

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You can replicate almost anything and it’s increasing a mainstay of many industries: medicine (hearts); film (props); fashion (knockoffs)–sculpture (objects). But you need to know how to replicate, including the skills, processes and materials involved.

Arthur Manzo from W P Notcutt Ltd, leading supplier of mould making and casting materials, demonstrated a range of materials, such as different rubbers, resins and Jesmonite products. He also discussed the science behind them and how to use them (and when not to!). This two-hour session opens your eyes to the multitude of possibilities out there and stimulated thinking around how they might stretch your sculptural practice. Attendees brought their own casting questions and queries–or just came to find out what exists and what can be done with it.

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