Futures Coventry Urban Mining x Public Art @ Parkgate School


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Exploring the redevelopment of City Centre South and using Urban Mining design principles, this six week programme takes the students on the development journey to research, design and create a new piece of site-specific public art. At the same time, the students contribute to Pangaea’s R&D as we consider new sculptural propositions and place-making for the meanwhile use activation of City Centre South during its redevelopment.

Research Area:
Urban Mining x Public Art Coventry
Research Type:
Future Teaching Trust

You and Your City

An Introduction to Urban Mining and the redevelopment of City Centre South. The students then worked on group drawings to redesign the Coventry City Centre they want to be part of.

Field trip to City Centre South

Walking tour and research of the City Centre South redevelopment site, Coventry Central Library & LTB Showrooms.

Sculpting Our Neighbourhood

Architectural model-making teaching mould-making and plaster casting.

More Urban Mining x Public Art

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