Chapter 5: Erosion Performance

Rachael Champion, Dolon Kundu, Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine & Jim Woodall
Coventry Canal Basin, CV1 4LY


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On the last day of the exhibition ‘Chapter 5: Gesture’, a finale performance began the erosion of the gate structure and its return to the earth. The last cob mix was made together by artists, volunteers and public alike, dancing with bare feet on wet clay to the rhythm of the drums.

Pushing everyone’s physical limits, the last clay and straw fragment was moved into its final resting place, sealing off the gateway forever. As the water rained down over the structure, the 1000s of clay flowers adorning the structure melded together and dissolved, as the indigo and lime surface eroded away.

Taking inspiration from the Durga Puja Hindu Festival in Kolkata, the clay was baked in the sun but never fired. This means that water allows the sculpture to erode and materials to be returned to the earth for reuse and recycling.

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