Meltdown. From Trash to Treasure.

Ilona Balaga | Richard Ikhide | Katharina Fitz | Daniel Pryde-Jarman | Molly Erin-McCarthy | Tammy Woodrow
Daimler Powerhouse & FarGo Village, Coventry


Skills training became public spectacle as we set up a mobile foundry and turned the sculpture creation process into a performance, sharing the excitement of the aluminium casting process with the wider public; revealing what goes into the making of the objects that surround us.

A live audio response by uknowhat further revealed the various stages of the pouring process and produced a tangible tension and relationship to what was happening.

A fluid collaborative artwork was produced responding to the local context of Leamington and concepts of lifecycle and oroborous by our residency artists, under the expert guidance of our foundry team.

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