Chapter 5: Gesture

Rachael Champion, Dolon Kundu, Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine & Jim Woodall
Coventry Canal Basin, CV1 4LY


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This fifth chapter saw the last year’s growing, sourcing and creation activity brought together in this site-specific public art installation, designed for Coventry Canal Basin and inspired by the surrounding people, place and context. For the duration of this installation, the Canal Basin and all objects, people, activities, were understood as a giant evolving sculptural composition. The Canal Basin became a stage created by scaffold straw drying racks, clay-smeared billboard posters, raw construction materials, paraphernalia and sculptural forms in stages of evolution. The act of creation itself was the art: Artists and public intertwining; hands and feet moving to a shared rhythm; bodies and surfaces coated with clay; the sounds of production; the beat of drums connecting us back to the earth.

A live site of production, throughout the week an open architectural structure was created. Working alongside artists Rachael Champion, Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine and Jim Woodall and Pangaea, the public could add to the installation and become part of this unique experience; the first of its kind in Coventry.

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