International Artists’ Residency, Castellón Province, Spain (PARC) Spring 2018

Katrin Hanusch | Silvina Soria
Atzeneta del Maestrat

Katrin Hanusch is a visual artist working across a diverse range of media including performance, sculpture, installation, and drawing.

Hanusch’s site-responsive works plunge the viewer into complex scenarios that trace and respond to the underlying principles of interconnectedness found in our relationship to one another and the environment. Her protean practice experiments with a disparate range of materials, from objects and detritus of late capitalism, to discarded by-products of processes, or defunct electronic parts that register different frequencies, temporal scales and associations. Her intuitive approach interacts on a poetic level with material, turns it into an actant, and proposes new potentials and future materials, from which an inherent fluidity arises.

Silvina Soria used the residency to explore site specific land art responses using the materials of the region. She received her first degree in Sculpture, Sculpture Professorship and Arts Education from the School of Visual Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2003. She subsequently completed her postgraduate studies in Contemporary Sculpture in 2004.

Pangaea Artists’ Residency, Castellón Province, Spain (PARC) was based at a rural smallholding (masia in Spanish) close to Atzeneta del Maestrat, Castellón. From this mountain location the studio-workshop and residence enjoy spectacular views over a valley of almond and olive groves. In the heart of a rural farming community, the masia has 40,000 m2 of tiered land climbing the side of a small mountain. This landscape is an intriguing context to work in and explore.

The PARC Residency is now closed.


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