Artists’ walk and talk with Katrin Hanusch & Silvina Soria

Pou de la Riba, Atzeneta del Maestrat, Castellón 12132, Spain

See new art being made in the landscape and talk to the artists about their work, what they do and how they do it.

30 minute rural walk and time spent at the two installations. See them come to life as the night falls.

Refreshments provided, with thanks to the Atzeneta del Maestrat Town Hall.

Katrin Hanusch and Silvina Soria were the two invited artists for Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre’s inaugural international residency, Spain.

Pangaea Artists’ Residency, Castellón Province, Spain (PARC) was based at a rural smallholding (masia in Spanish) close to Atzeneta del Maestrat, Castellón. From this mountain location the studio-workshop and residence enjoy spectacular views over a valley of almond and olive groves. In the heart of a rural farming community, the masia has 40,000 m2 of tiered land climbing the side of a small mountain. This landscape is an intriguing context to work in and explore.

The PARC Residency is now closed.

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