Installing Artworks Beyond the White Cube

Leila Alice Smith
Project Space 45, Pangaea, Gransden Avenue, London E8 3QA
Installation of Ai Weiwei’s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London 2015

More and more artists are showing in alternative spaces (offices, warehouses, airports, forests, etc.). They’re also making this installation part and parcel of their artworks’ offer. Instead of discrete and portable objects, some of the most exciting artists working today are creating meaningful encounters that are often shaped through how their artworks are installed. There is a brave new world beyond the white cube so why default to the conventions of installing artworks in this context?

This one-day workshop knocked the installation of sculpture off the plinth, taking it to another level. Laced with practical guidance and group discussion, it was aimed at those who want to expand how they think about and practice the installation of artworks. Everyone was welcome but the session were designed to especially benefit emerging artists working three-dimensionally; in particular with an interest in placing their practice in a more critical and technical platform whereby nothing is impossible.

In line with Pangaea’s belief in making the making visible, this workshop took place in the studio/workshop space of our London Field’s Autumn Artists’ Residency.

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