Concept Development for ‘Silicon Spa’ Nanite Sculpture Trail

Silicon Spa: Artist digital impression of crashed Ford Escort Mark 4 on The Parade, Leamington Spa
Artist digital impression of sculpture proposal for crashed Ford Escort Mark 4 (Forza Horizon 4) on The Parade, Leamington Spa, outside the new SUMO Digital offices.

An invitation to design a public sculpture for Spencer Yard in Leamington Spa’s new Creative Quarter has led to a deep dive into the gaming industry and its seen and unseen relationship with the town. Pangaea is currently undertaking R&D exploring the potential to bring a temporary sculpture trail, ‘Silicon Spa’, to the town that raises awareness of the industry and that considers the effect of digital animation and visualisation on both art and the lived experience.

Important that the artworks speak to the gaming industry, gamers and the public writ large, the artworks will be developed in consultation with the local community and is proposed operate on multiple registers. Their Nanite inspired finish also relates formally and conceptually to the Camoufleurs; artists who had been enlisted to creatively camouflage and protect sensitive sites in the UK, and were based in Leamington during WW2.

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